Podcast: Her Own Words

Brief: I worked with the Online Female Writing Collective ‘Dear Damsels’ as the sound engineer for their podcast ‘Her Own Words’. The podcast works to showcase Dear Damsel’s content whilst relating it to their monthly themes. I oversaw the podcast recording and then mixed the audio with music of my own composition.

Method: To record the podcast conversation I used a two condenser microphones attached to my Zoom H4n via XLR cables. I also used Zoom H4n’s built-in microphone to record the ambience of the room, which doubled as a back-up. We recorded in one of the host’s bedrooms where I placed the two microphones casually next to them. Initially, the hosts wanted to hold the microphones, but I suggested they didn’t, as doing so increases the amount of cable noise from movement.


I then took the recorded audio and uploaded it into the Digital Audio Workshop ‘Reaper’ for mixing. I used EQ and compression on the individual audio tracks of the two hosts to even out the levels. I then did some small cuts and edits for unexpected loud noises or lulls in the conversation to make the discussion seem as seamless and clear as possible. After that, I added some very light reverb to the audio. This helps the listener feel as though they are in the room with the hosts. Once these edits were made it was a simple job of fading the conversation in after the jingle before adding in some final EQ and Compression to the master track and sending it off to Dear Damsels.


We were all happy with the result and have recently been in discussions about recording more podcasts albeit one of the hosts moving overseas.


Episodes of Her Own Words are available on the Dear Damsels site now if you want to check them out here. You can also find the first episode below.

Podcast Recordings