Podcast: It’s Time For…

Brief: I sound engineered for the comedy podcast ‘It’s Time For’ which presents funny conversations alongside skits and other audio content. I work closely with the creators to use production methods to enhance the humour of the conversations, whilst mixing all the constituent audio tracks into one cohesive episode.

Method: The conversations for this podcast tend to take place in different locations. Some take place in one of the hosts living room, for which I use my Zoom H4n alongside two condenser mics with XLR cables. As the hosts are comfortable in front of microphones, I often use mic stands to limit cable noise. I also record the ambience of the room with the microphone built into the Zoom H4n built-in microphone as a back-up. Other conversations take place in public spaces where it is inconvenient to set up microphones. For these, the Zoom H6 built-in mic is used solely.


Numerous methods are used to record the podcast’s skits, including microphones, the Zoom H4n or apps to record phone conversations. This is mentioning only a few of the recording methods which are picked dependant upon the nature of the skit. I also create the podcasts jingle along with its bed music. These were created using mainly MIDI, with the occasional recording of live audio.


Once all audio content is recorded I upload it to the Digital Audio Workshop ‘Reaper’. I use EQ, Compression and occasionally Reverb to level off the audio and make it sound professional. I then make micro-cuts and edits to remove lulls in the conversations, plosives and background noises. As the audio is of varying quality due to the diverse methods of recording, it’s important to create a consistent sound profile for the podcast to create a seamless, enjoyable listening experience. I achieve this by using delicate automation to fade and marge the numerous audio tracks into one cohesive podcast.


As this podcast is experimental and creative in nature, it is extremely fun to paint the conversations in a way that created a narrative that rises above what is being discussed. I, alongside the podcasters, are always very happy with the results.


The podcast is currently unreleased, however, I have provided drafts of the first two episodes of the podcast for you to check out.

Podcast Recordings