Film: Plantman

Brief: I was the Sound Engineer for the short documentary ‘Plantman’ which follows the life of professional gardener Phil Astley as the gardens at his home and the estate he oversees. It seeks to explore the idea that the way we spend each day of our lives reflects the person we are and subsequently how we view the world. I oversaw the live the onset audio recording along with the mixing of said audio with music and sound design of my composition.

Method: As you can expect, a lot of this film was recorded outside with fluctuating weather. On top of this Phil Astley was notably timid in front of microphones, which ruled out the option of a boom microphone. Taking this into consideration, I used wireless clip-on microphones (a set of Sennheiser G3’s with two Lav microphones) to record the audio of both Phil Astley and the interviewer. The Lav Microphones were clipped onto the subjects and the Sennheiser G3’s sent the live audio through to a Zoom H6, the onset mixer. This allowed for professional recording whilst being inconspicuous enough to ensure that natural conversations. Whilst on set foley was also recorded off of the Zoom H6.


The audio tracks recorded on set were then taken to the Digital Audio Workshop ‘Reaper’. I used EQ and compression to isolate the dialogue from the background noise and made small cuts and edits to smooth out the audio. I then mixed the foley audio in with the dialogue to give the film atmosphere that was natural to its setting. I was also in charge of sound design and music. I used MIDI and acoustic instrumentation and created a sound profile that fit the narrative of the film.


Once all the components were sorted I worked closely with the director to ensure that they were happy with the final result. To do this I used EQ and Compression on the mastering tracks to ensure the final mix is of high quality.


The film is unreleased, but when it is available I will provide a video link alongside isolated audio tracks below.

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