Music: Salad Sage

Brief: I acted as the Sound Engineer for my personal music moniker ‘Salad Sage’. Under this moniker I have released a studio album entitled ‘Green Me’ and more recently the single ‘Shine On’.

Method: I was in charge of recording the vocals, guitars and numerous additional instrumentation. This involved not only microphone placement and monitor control, but also controlling the recording environment and acoustics to the best of my ability. These recordings were all made in one bedroom which was large, had little furniture and no carpet. These poor acoustics cause a lot of unwanted noise in the form of echoes. To solve this, I made sound-proofing panels using wood, paper and insulation, and hung them up on the walls in the most problematic areas. Using a measurement condenser microphone to help with the placement, I managed to turn a problematic recording environment into a space close to that which you would find in studio conditions.


During the recordings, I used levelling provided to me via pre-amps and Reaper (the Digital Audio Workshop used) to get crisp, clear vocals and warm acoustic guitar recordings. In some cases I used microphones to pick up the natural reverb of the room in order to add to the ambience of a track. This is one of the many recording tricks I used to ensure vibrancy in the final mastered tracks.


After the recordings I used numerous plugins to mix and then mastered the final tracks. As I was present for the whole project I was able to ensure the album created had a similar sonic profile to help aid the narrative of the piece. I am currently working on a new project under this moniker, which has meant creating a new sonic profile which fits with the development of the brand as a whole.


I really enjoy working on this project, as it allows me to really explore how creativity can be used to get the best out of unfavourable situations. I think it is a testament to show that hard-work and imagination can help you create a professional sound from even the most amateur of environments.


See examples of my work on this project (a single and an album) here:

Music Recordings