Film: Sketches for a Sweetheart

Brief: I worked as the sound engineer during the post-production of ‘Sketches for a Sweetheart’, a short rom-com with a bizarre horror twist. I was in charge of mixing the live audio with sound-design and music of my own composition.

Method: When the project was presented to me the onset audio had been recorded and there was a rough edit of the film. The audio recording wasn’t optimal as it was relying upon a single boom microphone. This meant that, although all the sound was picked up, it is all upon one audio track. This makes it difficult to separate individual voices from each other, let alone any background noise, during the post-production process. As the film involved a couple walking down a busy street this did cause some issues.


To rectify this I duplicated the audio track and isolated the dialogue on one and the background noise in the other using EQ and Compression on the Digital Audio Workshop ‘Reaper’. In scenes where the two sets of dialogue were easily distinguishable, I made a further duplicate track to then isolate the individual voices as well. Once this separation was complete I levelled the individual tracks to allow for consistent dynamics for the duration of the film, whilst also allowing the ambiance of the foley to create an atmosphere. Compression, EQ and small cuts were made in order to rectify any jarring artefacts or noise in the audio.


I was also in charge of sound design and music for this film which included writing and producing the opening and exit tracks whilst also composing and producing the background music. I did this using MIDI and acoustic instrumentation. Using examples provided to me by the writer-director, I replicated his vision in an authentic and unique way.


The film is still currently unreleased, but when it is available I will provide a video link below alongside isolated audio.

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